AmeriGlide: Review Of The Best Handicap Stairlifts

AmeriGlide is leading in home technology, specifically in stairlifts.

Whether you may be handicap, elderly, or simply lazy, a stairlift is what you need in your home.

Here are just a few of the great benefits of owning a stairlift

  • straight stairlift electric stairliftThese top of the line stair elevators are meant to safely bring the user up the stairs with ease.
  • The sleek design created by experts at AmeriGlide will not ruin the look of your home at all.
  • These strong and durable home stairlifts were created to hold from 350 to nearly 500 pounds.

We know how mobility can become an issue as we age.

It can be frustrating to not be able to get up the stairs easily in your own home.

curved stairlift handicap stairlift These stairlifts were created specially to last many years into the future, without breaking down or requiring repair work.

Whether it be outside your home or inside, AmeriGlide has created several different models for different environments.

Are your stairs curved or uniquely shaped? Not a problem. AmeriGlide offers customers an array of different stairlift variations, no matter the shape of your stairs.

Do you need a stairlift for other purposes, such as to bring large items (such as laundry or packages) up and down the stairs?

Well, these stairlifts can do just that.

Installation? Easy. AmeriGlide offers two options to its valued customers.

  1. Use the easy to follow instructions to install your stairlift with included Youtube videos.
  2. Or use AmeriGlide’s affordable nationwide installation service. Just give them a quick call for a quote.

AmeriGlide’s stairlifts were specifically designed to be easy and simple to install in order to save customers potentially thousands of dollars.

If you have any family or friends, you can just ask them for a favor. Installation is extremely easy and won’t take too long.

Choose a company you can trust, AmeriGlide.

Don’t opt for cheap, flimsy, and dangerous stairlifts. AmeriGlide will provide you with the best electric stair lift available.

Stairlift cost must be expensive, right? Yes, if you choose the wrong provider…

…With AmeriGlide you are purchasing from a trustworthy company who wouldn’t ¬†overcharge their customers for mobility. They are the most affordable on the market for the quality you get.

stairlift quote

Enough with being restricted from certain places in your own home.

If you don’t take action, you will continue to be stuck in this position

By landing on this page you have found the most affordable, durable, and easiest to install stair elevators on the market.

Make the change you desire and order a custom stairlift today.

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Customer Reviews

Project is finished, and been in use for a couple months. Worked out great. I highly recommend the lift, and it has been a real blessing

David O. from Tennessee

I know it’s been a long time but I just wanted to let you know that the Stair Lifts are working out really great. The installation was a fun project and not a problem.The stair lifts have been in use every day since the installation 2/20/13 and have performed flawlessly.

Jack Detwiler from Pennsylvania

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