Top Models

We have composed a list of what we feel are the best stairlift models available on AmeriGlide

These models are also sold used if you prefer to save money


Straight Stairlift


The AmeriGlide Rave

Ultra compact stairlift perfect for more narrow stairs.

Best of all this stairlift folds up so others can walk up and down.

This can safely transport up to 350 pounds with ease.

Installation is also extremely simple.

The AmeriGlide Rave can be powered from a home outlet. Once reaching the top, the Rave swivels and drops you off right at the top floor, not the top stair!

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AmeriGlide Horizon

The AmeriGlide Horizon features a compact design compatible with most staircases (not as compact as the Rave).

This lever operated seat can be folded for a minimalistic design.

It also has a comfortable fabric stair seat with optional seatbelt. A foot sensor is also included.

The Horizon safely supports up to 300 pounds. The ride up and down is very smooth.

The Horizon is also the most cost efficient model that AmeriGlide  sells

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Curved Stairlift


Curved Stairlift

AmeriGlide Platinum Curved

Curved stairlifts can be expensive due to the different architecture.

AmeriGlide strives to provide the best prices to customers. This is why you won’t find any cheaper stairlifts at our quality.

This curved , fabric stairlift provides a smooth ride that doesn’t stutter or stop on the way up.

It safely supports up to 264 pounds. The seat also rotates at the top to let you off right where you need to be.

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AmeriGlide Platinum Stairlift HD

This work of art is unlike any stairlift on the market.

It features high quality red (or beige or blue) leather seating for the ultimate comfort.

Premium tracks are used to give a new and modern look.

Available with a host of different customizations from seat upgrades to track landing options.

This chairlift safely supports up to 352 pounds.

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Outdoor Stairlift


AmeriGlide Horizon Outdoor

At AmeriGlide, different customer environments are taken into consideration.

This is why we created an outdoor version of the horizon.

Features all the benefits of the horizon plus weather protection.

No matter the condition of rain, snow and more, all electrical and mechanical components are shielded.

It won’t be easy breaking this!

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